Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Celebrated Summer

During the last couple weeks, we logged some time in the woods and on the streets in celebration of one fine summer coming to an end. Here are some pics. Enjoy.

This ramp features some pretty cool surroundings (see treehouse with electricity), which makes up for the horrible coping situation ON the ramp itself. Throw in some good transitions, and I'm hurling my old bones as high in the air as I can.
Patrick Melon to Fakie
photo by Phil Jackson

Kurt Kamrad going frontside down this 9-stair rail...and he didn't crack his head.
photo by Zoli

We came to this rail and I wasn't sure if anyone was going to step to it, but James Pitonyak hit a perfect backside lipslide down it on his third attempt.
photo by Zoli

James Christening some steps with a proper noseblunt slide.
photo by Zoli

Junky wallride by Patrick
photo by Zoli

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