Thursday, August 27, 2009

Totally On Tour (pics added 8/31)

So we went on our first mini-tour a couple of weeks ago, hitting some awesome spots throughout New England and sleeping in tents set up in campgrounds, backyards, bowls, you name it. No showers, no beds, no seats in the van (or windows), and no complaining.
The trip took us through Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, & New York (up state).
Everywhere we went, the locals were super friendly and they ripped! Vermont breeds total SHREDDERS! I love it there and can't wait to go back!
Special thanks to Josh (Chicopee Bowl), Brendan @ Maven Skateshop, and Keegan.

Below are some photos, but first, here's some video:

More photos coming soon.

The van crew:
Me (Patrick)
The Stranger

The car crew:

The Crew (minus Dexter & The Stranger) l-r: Phil, Travis, Scott, Patrick, ********, Dan (aka The Cookout) in front, Alex, James, Chuck (back), Ryan

Travis with a sick blunt in Chicopee, MA

Frontside Grind in Groton, CT - Me

Rhode Island campground. Setting up tents at 10 pm is not the best way to do it. Our neighbors at the campgrounds were not psyched on us at all.

Impromptu campground

Vermont...of course

Yeah, I skated in the 80's...

Road to Nowhere

Behind Maven Skateshop in Burlington, VT after an evening skating the Burton Bowl. Maven RIPS!

Travis & me

Says it all




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